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Branislav Stanković, or just Bane, is a Serbian photographer based in Šabac, a city in the Serbian north-west. Born on the 19th of December 1967 in nearby Sremska Mitrovica, he has over a decade of experience in various forms of photography. After starting out in 1995, he had his first exhibition in 2000, and five years later he founded a photo studio in Šabac called Dream Photo Factory.

Since then, he has exhibited his work alongside other artists over a 100 times in Serbia as well as abroad, winning over 30 awards. He’s had 4 individual exhibitions and is currently a candidate to become the Master of Artistic Photography within the Photo Association of Serbia.

His area of expertise is: nature, landscapes, portraits and rural life. Dream Photo Factory studio also deals and provides services in a range of commercial forms of photography, such as photography for fashion books, catalogs, websites etc.

You can find his selected works if you look under Portfolio in the menu. If you look under Links, you’ll see plenty of other resources to see Bane’s work, like photo.net, deviantART etc.


It’s best to use the contact form if you want to inquiry about hiring a professional photographer. For photo shoots like the ones for fashion books and other simpler types of shoots, prices start from 100 euros.